Coldwater, MI

4 Things To Do In Coldwater, MI

Coldwater is a town in Michigan, the United States, which is a branch country. This place is rich in history and is mainly built with Victorian-style homes. Generally, people go to this place to have a peaceful vacation.


Like every other place, Coldwater too offers you a bunch of adventures which can only be found at this place. There’s always a history of the place which you should know about while you visit that place. Apart from history, there are various things like famous dishes, some tourist attractions, and other things which provide you with the essence of that place.
So, here in this article, we will give a list of things to do while you are at Coldwater.

Visiting The Wing House Museum

Like any other museum this place also provides you with the lifestyle back in the 1800s. This place is open throughout the year by appointment, while tourists can visit this place from the third Sunday of April till November.

Spending Time At The Coldwater Lake Stable

While you are at Coldwater it is only right for you to have a look at the natural scenic beauty of the place. This can be done at Coldwater Lake Stable which not only brings you close to nature but will also provide you with interactions with one of the most loved animals, horse. You can even go for a ride and hence get a better experience of the place.

Having pizza At The Cottage Inn Pizza

Food is something which can never be the same between the two places. Every place has its flavors added to the dish, which gives a different taste to the same dish. Hence, at Coldwater, we will advise you to make a trip to Cottage Inn Pizza and grab a bit for yourself. Apart from pizza, they offer you several other Italian dishes to choose from, but pizza is the signature dish that deserves to be savored if you step down at the place.

Capri Drive-In Theatre

Catching A Show At Capri Drive-In Theatre

It is among the most legendary places to visit at Coldwater. This drive-in theatre was opened back in 1964. This place has two screens which can accommodate approximately 900 cars. You can find some services like popcorn and snacks at the counter set for the purpose. This is a must while you are at Coldwater.


So, if you are planning to go to Coldwater, or are looking for things to do while you are there, then this article might have helped you with a few things that are a must while you are at Coldwater. The vacation period is the one that everyone wants to enjoy to its fullest.
Every place has its specialty, which might be found at other places, but will not be the same as that place. So there are many common things which you can do while visiting a place, but your visit will become more memorable if you try out all the special features of the place you are visiting. At last, we wish you a great time at Coldwater.

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